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Facts and Why Do Thousands of People Choose Us

  • Get to sleep on your schedule
  • Innovative patent-pending spray
  • We offer an honest money back guarantee. If you do not like our sleep spray you can return it within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.
  • Perfect for shift workers, travelers and those getting a bit older
  • Most popular sleep spray in the USA

Comments From Our Users

Get the Good Sleep You Deserve

Sleep spray is a very efficient product - it works within minutes, and will give you the sound sleep you so yearn for. You will finally be able to get nice and relaxed after a long day at work. Since the product is taken orally, the nutrients are absorbed almost instantly through natural chemical reactions within the body, and within 15 minutes, you'll be ready for bedtime. You can use Sleep Spray to get back on track with sleeping habits, reduce the effects of jet lag and even as a treatment for insomnia.

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Sleep Spray Is 100% Natural
Not only is the product very effective, but at the same time, it is completely natural, and doesn't have strong side effects which come from regular sleeping pills. The product's active ingredients are CBD, Melatonin, GABA, and Valerian Root. Say goodbye to drowsiness, mental slowing, gas, headache, heartburn, changes in appetite, dizziness, weakness, etc. And most importantly, you can't develop an addiction to it, like you can with regular sleeping pills.

Scientifically Tested to be Safe & Effective
We understand the concern that many of our buyers have regarding the effects the product might have on their body. Our quality control measures are employed on each batch of products that we manufacture. Our customers always know exactly what they are receiving whenever they purchase from us. No GMOs are ever used in the manufacturing process.
Before even being put on the market, Sleep Spray was rigorously tested and proven to be not only an effective, but also a completely harmless solution to one's sleep disorders. It is also a great solution for the much greater number of our clients who don't suffer from a sleeping condition, but are simply stressed out, and are looking for a quick, natural, and most importantly, safe way to get rested well so they can tackle the big issues the following day with a well-rested mind.

Small Packaging, Fresh Minty Flavor
Sleep Spray comes in an 8ml package, so you can take it with you onboard an airplane or any other mode of transportation for a long duration. It fits easily into your pocket, purse or even a wallet, so you can always have it with you. No longer will you be having trouble falling asleep in a hotel far from home, or come to a business meeting or a convention tired because you just can't fall asleep on an airplane.
Sleep Spray has a natural peppermint flavor and as it comes in a spray package, so it looks very much like a breath freshener. For best results simply spray it under tongue, hold for a few seconds, then swallow, and you're on your way to good sleep.

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