Fruits and Vegetables that Helps You Sleep

Netflix marathon up to 12 midnight and you don’t want to sleep yet. Another hour and another episode is what you are thinking at the back of your mind. Turns out eating anything you see and eating the right foods at day time does make a huge difference on your health. In a recent study that has been conducted, adults composed of 62% who sleep an extra time of 96 minutes each night positively reported that it affected their cravings for junk food during daytime and decreased by around 50%. What could be the rationale behind this? The answer lies on how your body reacts when sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation actually affect metabolism. It wreaks constant havoc on it since staying late at night will require more energy compared to sleeping so your body needs to overcompensate on the following day. It then releases “hunger hormones” which then sends your appetite the signal to overdrive. Similarly, if you are stuck in a meeting with only doughnuts probably very late at night, you better learn know your body will not be hungry for vegetables and fruits. So the bottom line is to you should get sleep more at night. Well, you might think it is easy for us to say, right? You don’t need to freak out. If you focus on sleep, it does have an absolutely great effect on our lifestyle.

Sleep provides an estimate of 32 percent increase on focus and productivity. It also boosts the body’s energy to achieve a high performance in fitness. The only hard part for some people is that you can’t always choose sleep over a busy and hectic schedule so during bedtime; vegetables and fruits are your pals. For a relax and quicker nighttime sleep, skip the sheep counting and start on counting on to these magical five vegetables and fruits that can help you achieve better sleep.


Magnesium and potassium can be naturally found on bananas. These vitamins aid in muscle relaxation therefore giving you a night of deep sleep and good rest. In addition to this, bananas contain tryptophan which is known to be a sleep inducer type of amino acid. Tryptophan is then converted to melatonin and serotonin inside the brain. Both of these hormones promote sleepiness and relaxation.


The hormone melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone can be naturally and richly found on this beautiful red fruit, the cherries. Eat a lot of cherries maybe handful of it one hour before heading to bed. If you can’t find the fresh cherry fruits on the supermarket or groceries because it is not in season, you can easily opt to eat a handful of the dried variation of the fruit or you can drink up cherry juice instead.


Foods that are rich in calcium includes dairy products. However, don’t take green leafy veggies for granted. Green leafy veggies such as the collards and kale are good sources of calcium. They are popularly known to contain rich calcium doses. According to a research, the level of calcium inside the body affects sleep. If you have calcium deficiency, it may cause trouble on your sleeping pattern making it difficult for you to rest and fall asleep easily. So, you have to load up and increase your calcium intake. Eat lots of this veggie before sleeping at night so that your body can relax and you in return can achieve a good night rest.

Passion Fruit

This fruit is a nutritious tropical fruit. It is very popular especially to those people who are very health conscious. Although it is a small fruit, it contains large amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and a lot of plant compounds which is beneficial to the health. Since this fruit also has various medicinal alkaloids such as the Harman, a sedative compound, it is very effective and being used traditionally to treat insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety.


Melatonin, a sleep inducer hormone can naturally be found on tomatoes as well. It is recommended that we eat fresh tomatoes since it is highly rich in antioxidants however, we can also find tomatoes often incorporated on ketchup, paste, and in various sauces which adds flavor to the many foods we eat including pasta recipes.

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