Does Exercise Help You Sleep Better At Night?

They said sleep is for the weak. But we all know that lack of sleep makes us weak. Would you rather get weak than to have enough sleep?  Generations today doesn’t get enough amount of sleep due to several factors. It may be because of work, lifestyle or the environment. Lack of sleep on the other hand may lead to serious health problems. A lot of people today have insomnia or experiencing trouble in sleeping at night. There are several ways to stimulate sleep though but here is one of the most talked nowadays. Does engaging in exercise helps you sleep better at night? On this article, we will see if exercise is a significant factor in our sleep.

Does exercise gives you a better sleep?

According to studies, people who exercise at least 2 and a half hours a week will be more alert during the day and sleep better. They have gathered 2600 representatives, with ages 18 to 85, and engage in 150 mins of vigorous exercise in a week, resulted to 65% improvement of their quality of sleep. Moreover, they have found out that they feel less sleepy during day time compared to not having exercise.

Mental Health and Physical Activity journal have found out that about 40% of the population is experiencing sleep problems in the United States. According to their research, physical activity has positive effect to cardiovascular health of a person and thus lacking physical activity would result to some health concerns.

Other Benefits of Exercising Before Going to Bed

Scientific evidences also show that with regular exercise, aside from being an alternative and non-pharmaceutical way of improving sleep, it also helps you with these following problems. This is according to a study where age, smoking status, health status, depression, and Body Mass Index (BMI) are considered and controlled.

  • Night time leg cramps
  • Altered concentration and focus (lowered by 45%)
  • Overly feeling sleepy during daytime (lowered by 65%)

If you want to fall asleep faster, it is recommended for you to have at least 10 minutes of aerobics exercise like cycling or walking. It has been proven that it improves the quality if sleep especially if done regularly. Exercise also alleviates other sleep disturbances such as restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.

Relation of Sleep and Exercise

The more regular you’ll have physical activity; you will have better quality of sleep and the longer duration. Exercise can also strengthen sleep quality in different ways since it decreases stress and it will make you tired. Another thing is that when you exercise early in the morning and on afternoon your sleep wake cycle can have a reset due to increase of body temperature which allows then to drop and trigger sleepiness in a few hours.

Right Timing

Vigorous exercise before bedtime is thought to be a no-no because it is said to over stimulate your body thus preventing you to sleep. As it turns out it is not quite true to all circumstance. It actually depends on an individual. If you have tried exercising before you go to sleep and it makes you tired which makes you go home and plop down to your bed then quickly falls asleep, then it’s a good routine for you. But if its result is the opposite, don’t do it! You should have your exercise scheduled earlier of the day.

What is Chronic Insomnia?

Chronic Insomnia is known to be the most common sleep problem among adults. It is characterized by difficulty of starting to sleep or to keeping asleep, too early waking up in the morning, and non-restorative sleep.

How Physical Activity Affects Insomnia

For people with insomnia, chronic or not, a significant study was made and found out that even a single exercise can improve the quality of sleep of a person. An exercise that is moderate in intensity decreases the length of time that a person with insomnia needs to fall asleep. And if the exercise is done regularly, the study has shown that those who have insomnia can sleep longer, quickly and soundly.

Doing exercises may not just only for keeping your waistline in the standard or loosing pounds to keep up with the society or to keep your body healthy as possible, it can also affect your sleep quality and pattern positively. Try to check which routine and schedule for you to exercise to be able to get the best benefits, and do it regularly to keep your sleep the best quality as much as possible.

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