Can CBD Oil Get You High?

Medical marijuana products have been with us for a fairly long time. Ever since then, this question has been floating around in the medical-sphere of science. The quick and concise answer is – no, it most certainly cannot. CBD just doesn’t possess the necessary compounds that have mind-altering effects. Howbeit, this doesn’t mean it can’t have a relaxing effect on you.

As it is always the case, the answer is always more complex than yes or no. People often mistake the effect of relaxedness with being high. This is not only medically incorrect; it risks throwing such terms around. Much of this pandemonium is caused by the mix-up with THC.

Both of these compounds are found in the marijuana plant. Therefore, they are both cannabinoids. People who aren’t well-versed in botanic science have a tendency to mix them up. Their characteristics can’t be more different. Thus, we must work hard and break the stigma of CBD possibly getting you high.

Its benefits lie elsewhere. Although it can relax you, it’s just a side-effect of its crucial benefits. It doesn’t give you that delirious instance like THC does. In order to disintegrate this long-standing taboo, a longer answer is required. It’s high time (no pun intended) to delve deep into this controversial subject.

The two sibling compounds – CBD and THC

In total, there are 85 known compounds in the cannabis plant. Their collective name is “cannabinoids”. Both CBD and THC are part of this big and misunderstood family of chemical compounds. The more popular brother is THC. Its penetration into popular culture is somewhat astounding.

THC is more focused on the mind. It’s connected with mind-altering effects. Medically speaking, mind-altering isn’t always connected with insanity. In this case, it means that THC changes your mental state. By smoking marijuana, you get more relaxed and elated, in a certain way. In high doses, you might have mild hallucinations and increased creativity. Artists and designers use it frequently.

However, CBD is very much different. It has more soothing than recreational effects. Many studies began confirming that it combats cancerous cells. It does not only prevent the growth of tumors, it halts the advancement of existing ones.

Mental patients showed promise when given CBD. Their hallucinations, delusions, and anxiety have all decreased significantly. Also, back pain has been efficiently solved by this remunerative compound. When dealing with coccyx pain and appendicitis, patients have a tendency to vomit and feel nauseous. CBD oil proved effective when calming down the stomach. The nauseous symptoms disappear almost instantly.

The bottom line is this – CBD and THC are completely different. They just stem from the same source. People connected them both with their cannabis source. Instead of understanding them better, they shun CBD aside. It’s not a psychoactive drug and it deserves to be respected as something more than that. In order to do so, we must understand its begetter.

What is marijuana and what is hemp? And the additional problematic…

Marijuana and hemp are just two sorts of the cannabis plant. Marijuana is more potent and is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. It can be taken in many ways. People smoke it, make edibles and vaporize it. It’s widely controversial and a constant topic in popular culture.

Hemp is marijuana’s lesser-known sibling. It’s tailored for industrial purposes. Clothes can be made from it. Also, you can make paper, use it as efficient biofuel and make plastic out it. It’s mostly illegal in all parts of the world, but we won’t get into that problematic.

The thing is – we can bring CBD into existence from both marijuana and hemp. However, it’s only legal when sourced from hemp. Such are the laws in most places. That way, CBD is not treated as a controlled substance. When it’s made from hemp, CBD contains almost nonexistent THC levels. They won’t make you high, not even one bit.

Depending on the means of production

What CBD can do is relax you. This is a natural calming effect. The medical community doesn’t consider it as something psychoactive. It’s a mild relaxant that can also help with pain and many other medical conditions.

The problem appears when you find out that CBD oil can be made from marijuana too. The legality of this form of production is in question. It depends on where you reside. Some dispensaries have the license to sell marijuana made-CBD, some do not.

The good news is that you will always know whether your CBD oil is made from marijuana or hemp. It’s mandatory for manufacturers to exclaim that on the product itself. Also, marijuana made-CBD is rare. It simply doesn’t pay off. Marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD. Hemp is the total opposite and, therefore, make sense to make CBD oil out of it.

There are traces of THC in hemp-made CBD oil, but they’re non-existent. They won’t make you fail a drug test nor cause mental problems. Take CBD from hemp and everything will be okay.

Promising medical advancements

CBD has simply boomed in popularity in recent years. Its ailments are now widely known and highly regarded. We can thank multiple universities for conducting such revolutionary medical research. It can target many known and dangerous diseases. Diabetes (all types), inflammation and cancer have all seen reduction under the effects of CBD.

In several mental institutions, CBD was given to patients. All of them have seen their symptoms reduced and milder than ever before. Even mental disorders like schizophrenia are not immune to the effects of this amazing cannabinoid.

To round it all up

CBD most certainly cannot get you high. Upon taking the oil, you won’t feel any different mentally. The only changes are going to be in stress levels and general tenseness. It doesn’t have psychoactive effects and people mix it with THC, its sibling compound, too often.

The future of this amazing medicinal treatment is looking bright. With more and more money pouring into research, who knows what might happen.


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